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Social influencer

The ultimate database tool that helps you discover and evaluate influencers

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Why choose Blogmeter Social Influencer


A selection of Top Influencers with Bloggers, YouTubers, Celebrities, Designers, Journalists, Photographers and more


You can measure engagement, reach and content strategy of Influencer's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube profiles

People, not social profiles

A complete mapping of Influencers's social presence and a profile bio with all the information to evaluate the right influencer

Monitor the influencer's activities

Discover influencers' content strategy and the campaigns they are involved in

Global coverage and industry relevance

A constantly growing worldwide database of Top Influencers selected on the basis of their market and industry relevance

Key features

Top Influencers

Identify the right influencers for you from a constantly growing global database


Find the most relevant influencers for your industry (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel, kids, etc)


Measure Influencers Engagement, Reach and Post per day and estimate their effectiveness


Choose influencers considering their growth over time and discover the best ones for your brand

Hashtags & Terms

Find out hashtags and terms that influencers use in their own channels


Identify the most performing contents and the channel on which they have been published

Find and evaluate the right influencers for your brand

Select the right Influencer

You can choose from a list of thousands of Top Influencers classified by topic, market, language, channel, age, gender and role

Find out who they are and what they're talking about

A complete biography with all the detailed information and hashtags & terms most mentioned on influencers social channels

Evaluate their performance on social media

Monitor engagement, reach and post/day of influencer's social networks and evaluate their growth over time

Analyze their stories and their activities

You can browse the list of posts published by each Influencer and search for specific texts in the posts

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