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Social listening

The ultimate social listening and analytics tool
that supports you in the definition of your marketing & communication strategies

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Key features

KPI Overview

Keep track of conversations mentioning your brand and monitor their progress during the analysis period, identifying the most active moments. Obtain an immediate overview of key performance indicators.

Comparative Analysis

Analyze your online reputation and monitor the performance of messages related to your brand and competitors. Identify the most discussed topics and compare KPIs with those of your competitors.

Sources and Discussion Topics

Based on your analysis, discover the most active sources and their share of voice. Identify the most popular concepts, terms and hashtags used to talk about your brand.

Sentiment Analysis

Blogmeter’s automatic sentiment enables the analysis of values and emotions associated to your brand, your competitors, campaigns and your testimonials/influencers of reference. Discover what is being said, how often and where in order to reinforce your strategic planning.

Post Classification

Through an advanced tagging system, you can easily analyze and classify post’s content and visualize its engagement. Thanks to the Blogmeter Rank you can assess the relevance of authors across all sources.

Celebrities and Influencers

Within the sector of interest, identify the most relevant influencers and rate their fan/follower base and engagement. Discover the most active authors among messages analyzed and profile them by age, sex and geographic location.

Why choose Blogmeter Social Listening

Analyze consumer preferences and market trends
Understand the perception of brands, products, people and topics
Perform competitive<br /> benchmarking activities
Measure your marketing campaign's performance
Identify influencers and evaluate their effectiveness
Receive automatic alerts and keep sensitive content under a tight watch

Social Listening Process


Listening and source mapping







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