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What We Do

Blogmeter: a social media monitoring solution

BlogMeter is a leading social media monitoring service based on a proprietary listening platform that allows agencies and brands to discover 
what is said online about brands, people, topics or companies, with more than 250 social media monitoring projects to its credits.
Blogmeter is the first Italian company to have defined an analysis methodology, sustained by a unique technological platform, in order to collect consumer and market insights from social media and conversations taking places through them. The bWoMA (Blogmeter Word of Mouth Analysis) methodology is an interative process of listening, understanding and analyzing, that allows to measure the effectiveness of the company’s communication strategies, both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. ProcessoNuvola In detail the process comprises: The analysis phase is aimed, on the one hand, at identifying the relevant sources and analysis drivers, on the other hand, at setting up the platform for the automatic identification of those drivers. The Word of Mouth Analysis methodology at the base of the Blogmeter platform, can be divided into three main phases: The process is summarized in the following chart, where each phase of the process is associated to the respective technologies. Technologies

Our services:

  • Corporate Reputation Monitoring and Brand Health check-up
  • New products launches support
  • Communication and PR campaigns effectiveness check
  • Online customer reviews monitoring and analysis
  • Emerging market trends discovery
  • Customers profiling in accordance to their individual preferences
  • Opinion leaders and influence groups identification
  • Persons (politicians, VIP, stakeholders) polarity and sentiment measuring
  • Copyright Control and brand abuses detection