Top Influencer couples on social media

Paola Nannelli

Paola Nannelli

Senior strategist
Federica Leogrande

Federica Leogrande

Marketing executive

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Influencers’s power is growing more and more, especially on social media: they are considered as the new brands

But what happens if two influencers become a couple?

To answer this question, we have measured the social performances and behaviors of six couples of influencers, Italian & InternationalThe aim of this report is to measure the power influencers manage to reach together in terms of visibility and engagement but also to understand the way in which they influence each other.

The full report includes

  • The list of the influencers analyzed with all the metrics and influencer’s information
  • Influencer qualitative biographies and their social presence
  • Engagement & reach of each influencer divided by source
  • Couple performances in terms of engagement, reach & content strategy 
  • Most engaging three content of each influencer 
  • Best practice & most effective editorial strategy

Discover all the graphs!

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